We are a crèche and playgroup and afterschool service offering both full and part time places from 07:30-17:45 Monday to Friday. We cater for children from 6 months to school going and offer after school care up to sixth class. Click into each heading to read more about our rooms.

Baby Room:
At Bumble Bees we can cater for up to six infants from 6-13 months at any one time. Our baby room has been recently designed with soft grey and white baby animal theme that incorporates black and white images that stimulate babies brain development, it is a bright space with lots of natural light and air and is fitted with a mini kitchen mimicking the home environment.

For busy hands and curious minds, this room provides short structured programmes, such as sand and water, puzzles, circle time, music and dance, assorted arts and crafts, construction play. Gross motor skills will develop on our soft play climbing cushions and of course outdoors. 

Senior Toddlers:
Once again we focus on your child’s overall development and use a variety of toys and equipment to aid and refine your child’s physical, intellectual emotional and social skills. Children are still very young so short works periods are encouraged. Table top activities such as jigsaws, sorting and pairing are introduced to promote motor skills and hand eye co-ordination along with introducing children to basic numeracy and literacy skills. 

Playgroup 1 – Upstairs and Downstairs:
This room gives children the chance to have an extra year to gain independence before they start pre-school. The chat will come on hugely this year and children love circle time and singing to bring on their confidence and language. The learning will be similar to playgroup 2 but with more freedom and time for social skills, sharing, turn taking, problem solving skills and friendships to develop.

Playgroup 2 – The Hive:
Focus here is on the whole child and developing the child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills. At this stage we are preparing children for the next leap into school and we will steer them socially by giving them the skills required to socially cope with the imminent changes. Once your child is in playgroup they are encouraged to be independent in toilet facilities, meal times and self-care.

Our Afterschool Club provides children with a broad range of activities including but not limited to: Outside play, sports, board games, computer, DVD/Video, gardening, baking, card games, discos, arts and crafts, role play etc. Children have had a busy day at school and we like to give them choice rather than a set curriculum when they come back in the afternoons. Once the homework timeframe has been met, our ethos is that children are given ample opportunity for play, risk taking, let off steam, be boisterous or quite creative and most of all be themselves ! 

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