Playgroup 2:
The Hive

This room caters for 22 children. 
Age range: 3yrs to school going age. 
Ratio: 1:11  

Focus here is on the whole child and developing the child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills. At this stage we are preparing children for the next leap into school and we will steer them socially by giving them the skills required to socially cope with the imminent changes. Once your child is in playgroup they are encouraged to be independent in toilet facilities, meal times and self-care. Put on their own coat, shoes, open their snacks, clean up their area. Children are encouraged to get involved in the planning of their day and most importantly have fun, use their imagination and flourish. This room provides a variety of activities taking into account diversity and equality. Weekly curriculum themes such as life on the farm, people who help us, me and my family also support learning and interests. Children are given plenty of opportunity to go outside (even in the rain), it is essential that appropriate clothing is provided. Our curriculums are flexible and child led, therefore could change to extend on current learning and enjoyment.