Baby Room:

This room caters for up to 6 infants. 
Age range: 6-13 months. 
Ratio: 1:3 

At Bumble Bees we can cater for up to six infants from 6-13 months at any one time. Our baby room has been recently designed with soft grey and white baby animal theme that incorporates black and white images that stimulate babies brain development, it is a bright space with lots of natural light and air and is fitted with a mini kitchen mimicking the home environment.

The infant sleep room is directly connected to the baby room and has been designed with calming colours, and colour changing lights creating a soothing atmosphere. Each baby has his/her own cot to ensure routine and consistency.

We are a play-based facility throughout and our baby curriculum gently introduces your baby to an early years education programme and includes many activities such as: water play, art time, messy play, reading, nursery rhymes, singing and dancing, treasure baskets, discovery games, sensory exploration, musical instruments and more.

We plan our activities carefully with each baby in mind, remembering that every child is an individual with his/her own likes and dislikes. When we get to know your baby’s personality we can then encourage them to experience new concepts in a fun and reassuring way.

The curriculum aims to develop all areas of development from language to physical and social and emotional and as it is planned around children’s stage of development. As the children grow and develop, so does the curriculum and it help’s children to reach the next milestone. Every effort and achievement is celebrated with lots of cheers & hugs.

Our aim in the baby room is to provide your baby with a home from home environment therefore we follow the parents routine for sleep/feeding/nappy changing etc, consistency is key to ensure babies feel safe, loved and secure. We believe that with the correct mix of nurturing, exploring and fun they will develop into very active happy toddlers ready to move onto the toddler room and take their next big step in the world.