at Bumble Bees

We are committed to planning and undertaking appropriate and well-supervised outings from time to time. Outings provide an opportunity for children and adults to share learning experiences, which can be used to enhance many areas of the curriculum.

You will receive written information of a proposed outing (except in the case of local nature walks on the green outside/library) on which you will need to give your written consent for your child to take part. Parents are encouraged to participate as we need many volunteers to adhere higher ratios for outings. We feel that 5:1 with minimum of 2 adults at all times as cover for walks in the estate and 2:1 for all other organised outings. We may need more adults depending on the group ie younger or flight risk. A first aid kit & parents contact information is taken on all outings. We carry out a risk assessment prior to all outings to ensure we are adequately prepared. An up to date roll book is printed for the purpose of head count before we leave, during the outing and on our return.

Sample outings include The Big Toddle for Barnardos when we go by bus to JF Kennedy Park, or The Playbarn, New Ross to visit Santa. Our outings are covered on our Insurance Policy under public liability.