Sensory Room

In 2017 we added a sensory room to the creche. We wanted a new space for the children to experience and felt that a sensory room would have many benefits for all.

Sensory play helps children to develop their senses, encourages problem solving and can build nerve connections in the brain.
It includes a projector, a colour wheel, colour changing bubble tube, infinity tunnel with interactive light paddles, soft matting, rugs, and a speaker for various sounds or music.

We use the room as a quite space when children need individual time to unwind from the busy room, or for group activities to promote socialisation skills in different surroundings. Its also a chill out zone for music & darkness, or even dancing with music and the disco lights. It’s fitted with black out blinds and air-conditioning to ensure the correct temperature. It provides much needed comfort and calmness in an otherwise busy environment and helps children that may be over stimulated.