Playgroup 1 Downstairs:

This group is divided into 2 rooms in 2023. 
Capacity to cater for 16 upstairs and 22 downstairs. 
Age range: 3-4yrs 
Ratio: 1:11  

This is a first year of a 2 year free preschool programme (ECCE). The chat will come on hugely this year and children love circle time and singing to bring on their confidence and language. The learning will be similar to playgroup 2 but with more freedom and time for social skills, sharing, turn taking, problem solving skills and friendships to develop. Children will usually be toilet trained at this stage but not essential. There will be a big focus on language and expressing yourself with words and talking about emotions ‘happy, angry, sad’ etc. Imagination will flourish and there will be lots of opportunities for role play and mimicking the people they are influenced by. As with all other rooms outdoors will play a big part where children can work off excess energy.