Afterschool Club:
The Hive

This room caters for 24 children.   
Age range: 4 -12 years  
Ratio 1:12  

Afterschool club provides children with a broad range of activities including but not limited to: Outside play, sports, board games, computer, DVD/Video, gardening, baking, card games, discos, arts and crafts, role play etc. Children have had a busy day at school and we like to give them choice rather than a set curriculum when they come back in the afternoons. Once the homework timeframe has been met, our ethos is that children are given ample opportunity for play, risk taking, let off steam, be boisterous or quite creative and most of all be themselves ! Families are important to us so we endeavour to provide time with younger siblings during their day.

‘Children, especially older children will naturally seek out opportunities for risk taking while at play. Play is therefore to be seen as an essential method of teaching a child how to assess and take calculated risks. Risk taking can be essential to the development of a child’s confidence and abilities both in childhood and later in life’