We encourage the nutritional and overall well-being of all children within the crèche. We support children to develop lifelong healthy eating practices and a positive approach towards food in partnership with parents. We foster a water only policy – no sugary juices. We have a strict no nuts policy, this includes Nutella and other nut products.

Babies and Toddlers:

We ask parents with Babies/Toddlers on Formula milk to ensure that your baby has adequate daily supplies. Babies under 13 months must have food supplied from home.

Food Policy:

• Water only policy – no sugary juice permitted; milk optional with meals
• No nuts allowed; this includes nut spreads (Nutella).
• Babies under 13 months must have food supplied from home
• At breakfast children are given their choice of cereal
• Vegetables used in bumble bees include: peas, carrots, garlic, peppers, chick peas, sweet corn, cauliflower, cucumber.
• Fruits served include: melon, strawberries, grapes, blueberries, apple, banana, pears, pineapple, plums, peach, oranges.
• Breads served: Brown, white, scones, brioche rolls, waffles, wraps, banana bread.
• If a child will not eat a particular veg after many attempts we will leave it off their plate.
• Any special diets must be provided by parents
• These menus are used as a guide and will vary from week to week
• All fresh meat is Irish



Meal Times:
Staff will sit and supervise the children during mealtimes to encourage conversation and extend interactions.

Encouraging children to make choices, drink and feed themselves during mealtimes will help to develop each child’s independence.

Meal times are an important social aspect of the daily routine within a childcare setting. They provide opportunities to inform and educate children about nutrition and healthy eating.

Once finished children help clear their left overs away and stack plates on the trays.

Meals Provided:
We provide children (13mths+) with breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack (depending on length of session) and we will ensure that we promote a healthy lifestyle. We insist that meals are fresh, nutritious and balanced across the food chain. On occasion we do allow some treat items like a cake at a birthday party or small amounts of sweets, this is mainly at seasonal times. If any parent would rather the child not have these items please let us know. Playgroup children need small snack supplied, healthy options – no treats. 

Dietary Requirements:
It is the parent’s responsibility to inform us of any specific dietary requirements, such as any food/drink allergies or suspected food/drink allergies relating to their child throughout their time at Bumble Bees. Our menus are prepared in advance and are available upon request. This may be helpful to parents, as new foods must be introduced at home first. Special diets may need to be supplied by the parents.

Health Ireland Pre-School

We have recently taken part in the Healthy Ireland Smart Start Programme, we are now listed as a Healthy Ireland Pre-School.The pre-school service provides an excellent setting for promoting positive habits and attitudes to healthy eating and being active as part of a healthy lifestyle. Healthy Ireland Smart Start Health Promotion Programme for Pre-school Services.