Child Paths is one platform that helps with compliance, streamline operations, easily communicate with parents and empower staff while enhancing learning for children, all the way through from toddler to teenager. Parents will receive all feedback on their child via the Child Paths app on your phone/internet. We will give you all the necessary information on registration about how to set this up. This service is paid for by the crèche with no fee to parents at this time.





We use Child Paths for daily log of your child’s day, WhatsApp to communicate with parents, Facebook/Instagram to share pictures and News. We also have your email address and will send information as we receive it. 

 Facebook, WhatsApp, Emails & Newsletters 
As we communicate with you via Facebook, WhatsApp, Emails and Newsletters – it’s important to supply us with your current email address. With permission we will add you to your child’s WhatsApp group i.e. Toddler Room.

On the Registration Form you need to give consent for WhatsApp. Once received you will be added to the group relevant to your child/children. Your number will be visible to other parents and staff. We will share relevant information and (children’s) photos from time to time. Where possible messages will be sent within our business hours.

We ask that parents refrain from sharing anything personal to your child in the group – this can be done in a private message with management. We also ask that parents use the group simply to receive information and to let us know when you are dropping/collecting your child. Staff are not to be privately messaged – only Management (Laura, Marie, Ellen)