Senior Toddler Room:

Caters for 12 children. 
Age range: 2yrs – 3yrs.
Ratio: 1:6 

Once again we focus on your child’s overall development and use a variety of toys and equipment to aid and refine your child’s physical, intellectual emotional and social skills. Children are still very young so short works periods are encouraged. Table top activities such as jigsaws, sorting and pairing are introduced to promote motor skills and hand eye co-ordination along with introducing children to basic numeracy and literacy skills. Home corner, role play, various arts and crafts and music also contribute to developing your child’s growing confidence. Varied learning programmes through weekly themes for example: friendship, transport, nursery rhymes also aid areas of development and interest.

Outdoor play is very important and children are given plenty of opportunity to go outside, therefore ensure that appropriate clothing is provided. Time for sleep or rest is provided every day after lunch time. This is the time we recommend potty training (ideally 22-24 months). Please ask for our resource book it is fantastic help.