• Recruitment Policy:
    When we are recruiting we advertise internally, on Facebook and sometimes via the Local newspapers. Depending on the job offer the candidate will be expected to have either FETAC Level 5 (minimum) FETAC Level 6 or a Degree in Early Childhood Studies. Each successful candidate must have 2 references which will be verified, qualifications certs, Garda Vetting (before commencement) and First Aid.
  • New Staff:
    Will ‘shadow’ the staff member that is leaving to learn the role. They will be introduced to the children and follow induction training which includes reading the staff policies, parent handbook, health and safety statement, fire safety, Facebook policy and confidentiality statement.
  • Confidentiality:
    All staff and students are required to sign confidentiality agreements upon commencement: as part of this agreement staff are instructed never to speak about Crèche business outside of the premises – should you meet a staff member outside of Bumble Bees and wish to discuss a matter with them – they will kindly ask you to chat about it when back at the crèche.
  • Staff Supervision:
    Staff are supervised by the manager on duty (Laura, Marie). Staff work mainly in two’s with a senior and a junior staff member. We conduct staff appraisals and have regular meetings to ensure staff are aware of what is expected of them and up to date with regulations.
  • Garda/Police Vetting:
    As per the Early Years Services Regulations 2016 ‘a person carrying on a pre-school service shall ensure the appropriate vetting of all staff, students and volunteers who have access to the child’. All staff at Bumble Bees have received Garda clearance certs (and/or Police vetting if they have lived outside of Ireland) and have two references on file. Any disclosures on Garda/Police vetting may prevent the staff member from being hired. This depends on the severity of the offence, we ask ourselves ‘is the disclosure putting children or the business at risk?’ if the answer is Yes then the person will not be hired. Note: Staff profiles available upon request.
  • Staff Shortage Policy:
    In the case of staff shortages due to illness or unexpected absence Bumble Bees will endeavour to use relief staffs that are familiar to the children such as previous staff members or volunteers that we can call upon for support. This will ensure as little disruption to the routine as possible. In the unlikely event that we are left short staffed with little notice, we may move children from one room to another to ensure ratios, this would for example mean moving a two year old from the toddler room to the senior toddler room for the morning.

    As we grow & learn we may add to/adjust these policies, we will keep you up to date on any changes